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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, No. 2, November/December 2003

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA ESL219 Teaching Global Unity Through Proverbs, Metaphors, and Storytelling by Vivian Chu 108 p. ©2003. This resource book for ESL and English Language Arts teachers includes reproducible interactive language activities on global issues of peace, war, freedom, justice/injustice, social responsibility, poverty, oppression, racism and hope and universal themes. Also included are thought-provoking discussions featuring international proverbs, collective metaphors, and storytelling focused on illuminating and increasing consciousness of the sacred unity in humanity. ESL teachers can foster intercultural communication and global understanding while facilitating language acquisition. Grades 4 and up.

2 LA F9309 Explorons le Canada. Trudy Mauti and Deborah Sherman 48 p. ©2003. Un cahier d'une quarantaine d'activités traitant de la géographie et de l'économie qui peuvent être reproduites pour la salle de classe. Chaque activité comprend une représentation visuelle, des consignes claires et un court texte de lecture accessible aux élèves du programme francophone ainsi que de l'immersion. 2e à la 5e année (Also available in English LA 9309, $14.95)

3 LA 9318 Feeding Frenzy—A Fresh Look at Economics and Technology Through Agriculture by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, AgAware BC, Open Learning Agency 26-page handbook and 12-minute videocassette ©2002 Host Taheer explores the elements of production, distribution and marketing as they relate to agriculture. From planting to pricing, Taheer's hands-on approach makes the economics of food production something that students can really sink their teeth into. The video takes viewers on a fun, fast-past trip throughout British Columbia to investigate how food is produced. This video has been nominated for Canada's Golden Sheaf Award in the category of Educational/Instructional video. Recommended by the B.C. Ministry of Education. Grade 5.

4 LA 2227 Seeing the Rainbow by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario 135 p. ©2002. This resource book presents to Canadian educators some of the social and political contexts in which bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender and two-spirited issues in education have been, are being, and need to be addressed. The first section of the book provides detailed information, including how individual teachers and school communities can address homophobia and heterosexism and make schools safer places for all students, staff and parents. Contains lesson plans and activities for students and staff. Powerful stories from Canadian educators, representing diverse geographic regions of the country, make up the second section of the book. The stories offer insight and encouragement. The third and final section, Resources, contains comprehensive lists of teacher resources, organizations addressing BGLTT issues, as well as books and videos for students and teachers. Teachers.

5 LA 2578 Village Tales by Silk Road Music/Qiu Xia He, 53 p. and 60-min. CD, ©2002. This package includes a 60-min. CD of innovative arrangements of 12 traditional Chinese folk songs arranged for cross-cultural instrumentation and performed in both English and Mandarin by singers from both cultures, and a 53-page study guide. The guide includes notated music for the 12 folk songs with lyrics in English, Mandarin and Pinyin, information on minority peoples in the regions where the songs are from, maps and illustrations of traditional instruments. The CD is the 2002 West Coast Music Award winner for best global album. Village Tales is a locally-developed resource recommended for use with Mandarin, music and social studies classes. K–12.

6 LA 3221 The Maquinna Elementary Grade 6 Drum Project by Colleen Goodrich, Ryan George, Julia Atleo, 16 p. and 20-min. videocassette, © 2002. This package includes print material and a video production of the 2002 Grade 6 class at Maquinna Elementary in Port Alberni, B.C. making 25 drums and performing songs. The package outlines the budget, material and community resources, drum designs and patterns, drum dedication ceremony and other events for this seven to eight week project. Also included are original songs by Ryan George. Grades 5–7.

7 LA 8239 Celebrating Families, Grades K–1 Co-produced by The Critical Thinking Cooperative and BC Ministry of Education, 129 p. ©2002. Eight critical thinking challenges in this unit focus on recognizing and valuing the similarities and differences among families. Throughout the unit, students compile and create materials for inclusion in a family memory box. The activities include creating and presenting clues about family members to other students who try to guess the identity of the mystery family member; deciding which of their family memories are the most powerful; exploring the benefits of different-sized families; and planning key aspects of a culminating event to celebrate with their families what they have learned. Grades K–1.

8LA 2051 Barbie's Trip Around the World: Globalization in the Toy Industry by the Victoria International Development Education Association 30 p. ©2001. This resource booklet looks at the child labour, and the unhealthy and dangerous working conditions, which are common place in the international toy industry. This booklet is part of VIDEA’s Sweatshops series focussing on the global production line and linking producers and consumers. Grades 8 to adult.

9LA 9973 Curricular Themes: Adapted Workbook for Children with Special Needs by Rhonda Dodd and Amy Cocking 111 p. ©2002. This illustrated adapted thematic resource book includes the themes of community, whales, food and dinosaurs, themes that are commonly included in the primary curriculum. This book is written to provide educators, support staff and parents with a ready-to-use resource book that can be applied to a variety of different learning styles. The book provides fun reproducible activities and worksheets that are both developmentally appropriate and curriculum based. The book is an effective way to promote emergent literacy skills, for use with ESL, a resource that saves time, is adaptable, is a way to promote successful inclusion and is a resource that includes activities that can be used with the entire class. All ages.

10 LA 2066 Immigration in 20th Century Canada, Grade 11 Co-produced by The Critical Thinking Consortium and BC Ministry of Education 139 p. ©2002. Eight critical thinking challenges in this unit explore the historical and contemporary treatment of immigrant groups. After researching the most positive immigration stories in their own family histories, students analyze the uneven reception of immigrant groups from the early Europeans to present-day economic refugees. As well, students examine the racism evidenced in the Komagata Maru incident and in political cartoons in the early 20th century. In studying about current immigration policies, students review hypothetical applicants to determine who to accept as landed immigrants, critique the current points system, establish an immigration quota and send a letter to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, presenting a balanced position on a topical issue.

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/

For a complete listing of over 1000 BCTF Lesson Aids, consult the cataloque in your school library or the Lesson Aids online catalogue, bctf.ca/LessonAids

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100–550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail.

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