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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 2, November/December 2003

AchieveBC or DeceiveBC?

Dear Mr. Campbell:

You have got to be kidding! A web site of positive thoughts to replace all the services you have slashed? Kids need neighbourhood schools, small class sizes, specialist teachers, and parents who earn a decent living in conditions that support positive parenting. They do not need a message from Mars via the Internet. You got the name wrong—it should have been "DeceiveBC."

Lynne Sinclair, director, BCTF Field Service Division

Thank you for your e-mail regarding AchieveBC.

Our goal is to provide British Columbians and the world with information more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Our new web site is comprehensive and we believe it will be effective and help people and businesses better than previously.

We will be monitoring the site over time and taking into consideration all of the comments people are making, and making improvements on it whenever necessary. This is a web site for British Columbians and for the world--giving everyone an opportunity to find out more about our province, our resources, our people, our programs, policies, and initiatives. It will also provide them with easy access to the kind of information they need to answer their questions, to do business, or to link them to relevant resources and forms quickly.

I appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts. This is an exciting new initiative with more attributes than the previous site, and we look forward to the success of our efforts.

Gordon Campbell, premier

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