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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 4, March 2004

AGM 2004–Special resolutions

Recommendation 18
That 13C (page 87) be amended as follows:
a. a new regulation 13.C 11.8 to read: "The benefit shall be offset by the amount of a pension received under any registered pension plan."
b. adding to 13.C 1.3 the words: "or, who is in receipt of a pension under a registered pension plan" after the words "factor 88."
c. adding to13C 19.4 (page 88)
"(d) a pension received under any registered pension plan."

Recommendation 19
That 13 C 3.10 be deleted and replaced with: "A member in receipt of benefits for more than 12 months shall provide proof of acceptance or denial of Canada Pension Plan benefits. A member who has been requested by the plan administrator to re-apply for, or to appeal a declination of Canada Pension Plan benefits, shall provide proof of acceptance or denial of such re-application or appeal. If the member fails to provide proof of the required application, re-application or appeal, as the case may be, the benefit shall be reduced by an amount equivalent to Canada Pension Plan disability benefits."

Resolution 113
From: Vancouver Elementary Teachers’ Association
That 13.C.11.2 (page 87) be amended to replace the words: "No adjustment of benefit attributable to increased salary shall be paid until the claimant has returned to work or sick leave for 20 consecutive days." with the words, "Benefits shall be adjusted to reflect any salary increase the member would normally receive from the salary scale in effect while the member is receiving benefits."

Constitution and by-laws

Recommendation 2
That the Constitution of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation be amended by:
1. Amending Purpose No. 4 by replacing the words "the foregoing objects" with the words "the purposes of the Federation" by replacing the words "the said society or corporation and any other society or corporations" with the words "the Federation and any other organization," by replacing the words "having objects similar to" with the words "having purposes similar to" and by replacing the words "this society or corporation" with the words "the Federation":

Purpose 4 as amended would then read:
"4. To provide for the enlargement of the scope of the purposes of the Federation by permitting an alliance or affiliation to be made between the Federation and any other organization having purposes similar to the Federation."

2. Amending Purpose No. 7 by replacing the words "such other subsidiary services" with the words "such other services and programs";

Purpose 7 as amended would then read:
"7. To organize and administer such other services and programs as the Annual General Meeting may from time to time order."

3. Adding a further Purpose No. 13 as follows:
"13. To safeguard teachers’ pensions and act as joint trustee with respect to teacher pension funds."

4. Adding a further Purpose No. 14 as follows:
"14. To continue to develop programs of social responsibility, and to provide international assistance to educational organizations."

5. Adding a further Purpose No. 15 as follows:
"15. To promote the attainment of the purposes of the Federation by participation in educational, social, co-operative, electoral, political, economic, bargaining or other activity authorized pursuant to the by-laws of the Federation."

Recommendation 3
Recommended by the Executive Committee and the Representative Assembly

1. That By-law 6.1 be amended by adding "local presidents" after local representatives so that it would read:

"The representative assembly shall consist of the local representatives, the local presidents, and the members of the Executive Committee, but any decision at a meeting of the representative assembly shall be by vote of the local representatives only."

2. That procedure statement 25.B.02(2) be amended by adding a part (c) to read:

c. "Local presidents as non-voting members, unless elected by their local as a local representative."

Resolution 101
Kamloops Thompson Teachers’ Association
That By-law 3.4 be amended by deleting:

"If two or more school districts amalgamate, the locals in those districts shall be supported by the BCTF as the locals determined the governance structures that best meet the needs of their members" and replacing it with:
"If two or more school districts amalgamate and the locals in the newly amalgamated district operate with a single local collective agreement, the locals in those districts shall amalgamate to form a single local."

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