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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 5, April 2004

Looking back

70 years ago

You can interrupt the improving of a road and 10 years later go on with it about where you left off, but if you interrupt decent care for children and 10 years later begin again to feel responsible for them, you can by no means begin where you left off. You find them irreparably grown up, and grown up wrong—enemies and liabilities of their community rather than friends and assets.

The B.C. Teacher, April 1934

50 years ago

When representatives of 17 countries met earlier this month at Hamburg, they were generally convinced that teachers are not occupying the place they ought to hold either in influence on their countrymen or in public confidence in their professional ability. What are the reasons for this? Why are teachers held in so much less esteem than doctors, dentists, lawyers and members of professions that deal with much less valuable and sensitive material than the minds of children?

The B.C. Teacher, April 1954

30 years ago

With a new government, holding a different educational philosophy, more money is available and the situation in both elementary and secondary schools should soon improve. When it does, any recurrence of the split between elementary and secondary must be avoided. How? The government will have to make an effort, the BCTF will try, but the only permanent solution may depend on the large group of men in secondary education categorized as "male secondary teachers." What are they like? Generally, they are aggressive, hard, and out to seize whatever they can for their classes or schools. They thirst for their own welfare, and attack school boards with vigor.

The B.C. Teacher, April 1974

10 years ago

After 15 hours of formal debate and non-stop informal meetings, the (representative assembly) delegates approved holding discussions with the government aimed at shaping legislation that is least damaging to public education and least prejudicial to teachers’ collective bargaining. At the same time, teachers will continue to oppose the removal of local bargaining as fundamentally wrong.

Teacher, April 1994

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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