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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 5, April 2004

Summary of BCCT council actions
August 2003 to February 2004

BC College of Teachers' actions:

1. Held August 2003 planning meeting at Whistler Mountain Resort.

2. Appointed new registrar with no posting or advertising process.

3. Adopted strategic plan without consultation of members.

4. Adopted major changes to college by-laws:

  • significant amendments to By-law 6 (discipline) effective November 6, 2003
  • amendments to By-law 1 (quorum of council and committees) effective November 6, 2003
  • amendments to By-law 4 (quorum of Qualifications Subcommittee) effective November 6, 2003
  • amendments to By-law 2 (membership and certification) effective November 6, 2003
  • additional amendments to By-law 6 (discipline) effective April 1, 2004
  • significant amendments to By-law 2 (membership and certification) effective May 1, 2004.

5. Provided notice of motion to make additional major changes to college by-laws:

  • significant amendments to By-law 1 (college and the council) effective June 2, 2004
  • significant amendments to By-law 3 (election of members to council) effective June 2, 2004
  • significant amendments to By-law 5 (Teacher Education Programs Committee) effective June 2, 2004
  • amendments to By-law 7 (discretionary committees) effective June 2, 2004
  • significant amendments to By-law 8 (finance) effective June 2, 2004.

6. Completed an overhaul of all college policies and procedures.

7. Implemented "gag" order on BCCT councillors preventing them from reporting to groups without approval of council.

8. Published additional editions of the new Professional Focus newsletter.

9. Turned down BCTF suggestions for making BCCT Council meetings more open and transparent.

10. Initiated a process to establish an electronic database of college members.

11. Established a person complaints process and produced numerous publications to promote the complaints process.

12. Implemented procedures that seek legal costs for every discipline case that proceeds to a hearing.

13. Decided to publish names of members involved in all discipline cases, except in exceptional circumstances.

14. Hired a communications officer with no posting or advertising.

15. Hired a consultant to upgrade college web site.

16. Published college publications on glossy and expensive paper.

17. Adopted Standards for the Education, Competence, and Professional Conduct of Educators in B.C. without consultation with teachers. The standards are guiding discipline matters, person complaints, and teacher-education policy.

18. Adopted a by-law that states that any changes to the standards will require a two-thirds majority vote of council. The council has also embarked on a process to identify performance indicators for teachers.

19. Proposed a by-law that indicates that the council will establish requirements for the continuing education of members.

20. Directed that a code of conduct be developed for college councillors.

21. Directed that a brochure be prepared outlining the procedures for implementing the duty to report professional misconduct provisions of Bill 51.

22. Adopted a new application form that requires applicants to pledge allegiance to the college and the standards, including the signing of a statement of professional commitment that involves waiving all legal rights to personal privacy.

23. Increased the per diem rates for college councillors and provided additional per diem expenses to councillors. The college will now pay the expenses for both appointed and elected councillors.

24. Posted an advertisement that calls for the hiring of an additional staff member to serve as a public-affairs co-ordinator.

25. Proposed a by-law that prohibits teacher-union activists from seeking election as college councillors.

26. Recommended to the minister of education that the structure of the council elections be changed so that only eight of the twelve elected councillors will be teachers.

27. Initiated a process that will have the college grant interim certificates to all applicants applying for certification and membership in the college.

28. Created additional tension by taking sides in the Bill 51 dispute between the BCTF and the Ministry of Education.

29. Proposed that the annual college fee be due May 31, instead of October 31.

30. Proposed a by-law to establish policies to monitor the competence of teachers.

31. Hired additional staff to process person complaints.

32. Authorized the registrar to undertake a complete governance and organizational review of the BCCT.

33. Expended college funds to allow the council chairperson and registrar to promote the work of the appointed college.

34. Forwarded numerous suggestions to the minister of education for amending the Teaching Profession Act.

35. Signed contracts for the October 2004 college conference at the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina.

36. Initiated the production of Connected, a new glossy newsmagazine.

– Mike Lombardi

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