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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 6, May/June 2004

Join the B.C. Retired Teachers’ Association

by Sheila Gair

Your last pay stub for active service is in your hand. A historic piece of paper. Hang onto it for perhaps a year, by which time you will have become accustomed to a new paycheque for doing absolutely nothing. It is much of your money coming back to you, and you did earn it. The new paychque has very few figures on it and very short columns. There is the sum you start with, the amount that the government takes from it, the MSP premium, and what is left is yours. Information from retirement seminars has shown you an additional pension is available at 60 from Canada Pension Plan and then at 65, will come the Old Age Security, which will take the place of the bridge benefit, which is then deleted at age 65.

Your initial pension package will have a letter from the BCRTA president and the pension corporation will send an application for membership in the BCRTA. You can sign a direct debit for the provincial and the local branch fees. The annual fee is $35 and branch membership, up to $10.

BCRTA benefits
Two full-time employees with a phone line, a toll-free number, a fax line, a web site, and an e-mail address will give you information and assistance with things like health plans, home inventories, the Nidus registry, wills and estate planning, checklists for executors, the adult guardianship act, and a death in the family. The association offers Medoc travel and home insurance, and it will soon offer long-term-care insurance. The Retired Teachers’ Bulletin, published four times a year, cites many opportunities for travel, theatre tours, volunteering, teaching opportunities overseas, golf tournaments, and more. Changes in pension and benefits are highlighted, and committee updates and reports are provided.

So retire optimistically, and fill out the BCRTA application form when it arrives. Our welcome mat is out. Please join us.

Sheila Gair is first vice-president of the B.C. Retired Teachers’ Association.

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