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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 7, May/June 2005

Ten easy wellness resolutions

Here are some constructive, easy to do, one-time resolutions for you and your wellness at work.

  1. Make that appointment for the complete medical checkup you have been meaning to have, include a request for a pap test, mammogram, or prostate test, depending on gender, and also have a complete blood workup that includes a look at your cholesterol and triclycerides—the low-density lipoproteins (bad LDL) and the high-density (good HDL) levels are important.  
  2. 2 At least once a week, travel to work by an entirely different route—and if possible, use a different means of transportation.  
  3. 3 If a grocery store or drugstore is nearby, get all the free stuff the pharmacist has on healthy eating, living, attitude, fitness, community, environment, and safety. Try out the free blood-pressure test and the free bone-density test. Look at the stores publications on health programs—they are chock full of good stuff.  
  4. 4 Find a willing colleague, and walk at lunch away from your worksite for eight minutes. You’ll get back in 15 minutes total because you’ll be warmed up and take less time to return—talk "work" going out, talk "non-work" coming back!  
  5. 5 Indulge yourself in a random act of kindness for someone on your staff; be sure no one but you ever knows about it. 
  6. 6 If you buy your lunch, don’t buy it for one day—instead, the night before, make a lunch like the ones you used to get when you were in elementary school. If you bring your lunch, don’t bring it one day—go out and buy lunch—treat yourself.  
  7. 7 Put a bottle of water next to your coffee, and consume as much water as you do coffee.  
  8. 8 One morning, right after you wake up, think of three reasons why you like being a teacher and don’t include anything financial.  
  9. 9 Ask a good teaching friend of yours on staff what she or he would suggest for a health and wellness initiative if it were a topic at the next staff meeting. 
  10. 10 At least once at the end of the day, when the bell has gone and the students have left, take a stroll around the entire school block and only then start your after-school work.

– Dave Scott

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