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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 7, May/June 2005

A parent workshop in Kitkatla

by Carol McQuarrie

The BCTF offers five one-hour workshops, which school PACs can request, as part of its commitment to working with parents. Presenters of the workshops are teachers who volunteer their time. More than 160 workshops have been given around the province this year.

My first parent workshop, in Kitkatla, was absolutely awesome! I was proud to say, "I am here on behalf of the BCTF." The Kitkatla teachers and parents greatly appreciated the workshops and that I had been sent there.

The teachers also wanted to be a part of the bullying presentation for the parents--19 participants in all for my first parent presentation. Three parents and three childcare workers stayed for the afternoon workshop as well. I did feel a little pressure to begin with, but, according to the evaluations, the participants were very pleased, and so was I.

The bullying presentation is awesome, and relatively easy to facilitate, so I offer a special thanks to all who worked on that presentation. It made my job much easier, and we had lots of discussion. The parents who were there are very concerned and caring. It was an honour to work with them.

The support the BCTF provides to isolated and rural areas is commendable. We have no idea what it is like to teach in isolated and remote rural areas. They told me over and over how happy they were that I had come up there. After being in Kitkatla, I feel as if I live in an urban area, not in rural Grand Forks.

The school is a dream...white boards and a beautiful structure. The staffroom would rival most living rooms. They have a super, cohesive staff, and it was a pleasure to be there. Thank you, BCTF, for sending me and for all the training I have received. It is a win-win situation!

Carol McQuarrie teaches at Dr. D.A. Perley Elementary School, Grand Forks, and is a PD associate facilitating workshops for the BCTF Training Department.

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