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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 6, April 2005

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 2230 — Making Decisions: Grade 8, Produced by the Alcohol-Drug Education Service, 114 p. ©2004. This resource for teachers and students of Grade 8 is designed to provide learning activities that promote the development of skills in making major decisions, particularly to help prevent substance abuse. This unit is based on current research on adolescent development, what is known about the importance of decision-making, and problem solving. The modules focus on development of key skills in critical thinking, self-confidence and assertiveness, and on healthy and positive adolescent development and learning. "Making Decisions" provides accurate information, enhances skills in thinking critically and independently of peers, gaining the tools to make healthier choices, and about reducing the harms of substance abuse to individuals, families, and communities.The program reinforces and builds on the skills and information taught in "Making Decisions: Grade 6" (BCTF LA 2396) and "Making Decisions: Grade 7" (BCTF LA 2397). Easy to use student worksheets and activities are included in the package. $45.95

2 LA 9922 — Middle and Secondary School produced by Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, 155 p. Fall 2000. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 5, no 3, features articles and strategies for learning assistance teachers in middle and secondary schools. Grades 6–9, $12

LA 2047 Not So Natural Disasters: Secondary School Edition, 94 p. ©2002. Grades 8–12, $20.95.

3 LA 2033 — A Teaching Unit on the Coffee Trade produced by Victoria International Development Association, 16 p. ©2003. This unit includes four lesson plans. Students learn about how the coffee trade works, and consider the relationship between consumers, growers, and coffee companies. Includes overheads, handouts, and worksheets. Part of VIDEA’s Global Learner Series. Other units in this series from BCTF are LA 1072 "A Teaching Unit on Consumerism and Media Literacy," LA 1073 "A Teaching Unit on Music and Society," LA 2031 "A Teaching Unit on Global Warming," and LA 2032 "A Teaching Unit on Peace and Conflict." And VIDEA’s Global Citizenship website. Suitable for use in Social Studies 9 to 11. $8.95

4 LA 3225 — North American Indian Silver Craft by E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake), 53 p. ©2004. This book is based on a series of essays by the famous Canadian poet E. Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake. It’s one of the few books about jewellery fashioned by First Nations silversmiths. Johnson revised the information but died of cancer in 1913 before the manuscript could be published. It appears now, in a pocket-sized edition, complete with her own drawings of several key pieces. This book will be of particular interest to artisans and to those interested in First Nations history, art and jewelery. Grades 4 and up. $10.95

5 LA 2056A — Antonio’s Story Co-produced by Analee Weinberger, Valerie Dare, Patti Fraser, Pacific Cinematheque, 16-minute VHS video and 28 p. guide, ©Britannia World Music 2004. This video is a documentary of Antonio Joao’s flight from Angola at age 11, when his parents were killed, to Port Elizabeth on the southern coast of South Africa—a journey of 2,566 kilometers. Here he lived hand to mouth, finally stowing away on a freighter bound for Southeast Asia and Vancouver. Antonio arrived in Vancouver on September 2, 2001, only nine days before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Consequently, his treatment as a refugee claimant under the Canadian refugee system was different than it would be today. Antonio tells his story in his own words. The study guide uses Antonio’s experiences as reference points to investigate social justice issues in Africa and Canada. For Grades 8–10. $19.95. DVD format: LA 2056B, $19.95.

6 LA 9534 — British Columbia Wetlands produced by British Columbia Wetlands Society, CD Rom, ©2004. This CD Rom, compatible with PC and Apple computers, contains the following four teacher’s guides on B.C. Wetlands. "Exploring Estuaries and Wondrous Wetland: Teacher’s Guide to Field Trip Explorations" with practical, hands-on activities for classroom and field trips. Includes 150 illustrated pages for ages 13–18. "Ecoscope for Sustaining Saltwater Wetlands" stresses sustainability and the interaction between environment, economies and society. Features 104 illustrated pages dealing with saltwater estuaries and marshes for ages 15 to 18. "Discover Boundary Bay: A Teacher’s Resource Guide" covers the ecology of Boundary Bay, its global importance as part of the Pacific Flyway and current threats. Includes 300 illustrated pages, with 120 activities and hand-outs, field trip suggestions and bibliographies for ages 6 to 13. "Protecting British Columbia’s Wetlands: A Citizen’s Guide" is written in two parts on wetland protection: an overview of wetland types, where they are found and how they work and an introduction to legal protection for wetlands. Glossary and endnotes. Grades K–12. $5

7 LA 8050 — Canadian Stories (Including Hockey Stories): Lessons for Literacy and School by Beatrice Marshall, 78 p. ©2004. The literacy lessons and blackline masters in this resource were designed by the author who used picture books from different areas in Canada to complement the Grade 3 social studies curriculum. The 24 popular story books listed are contained in many school and public library collections. Each lesson is based on a story and describes current strategies that develop reading comprehension. For Grades 2 to 4. $7.95

8 LA F9114 — La mise en oeuvre et l’évaluation d’un programme de lecture animé par les pairs en milieu scolaire, Chipman, Mary. Roy, Nicole. Naylor, Charlie. Bournot-Trites, Monique. Lee, Elizabeth, 40 p. ©2001. Cette ressource comprend une vidéocassette (disponible en français ou en anglais) d’une durée de 25 minutes et deux rapports (disponibles en anglais seulement). Le premier rapport de 23 pages, l’oeuvre de M. Chipman, N. Roy et C. Naylor, décrit les aspects pratiques de l’organisation et de la mise en oeuvre du programme. Le programme veut que les élèves des 5e, 6e et 7e années soient assortis aux lecteurs des 2e et 3e années et que ces équipes de jeunes se réunissent deux fois par semaine pour des séances d’enseignement individuel par le pair (2 fois 30 minutes). Le rapport comprend des renseignements concernant la sensibilisation et la préparation, le budget et l’espace nécessaire, les critères de sélection, l’organisation, et la formation. Une brochure au sujet du programme, une lettre aux parents et des suggestions pour les tuteurs sont joints au rapport. L’évaluation du programme par M. Bournot-Trites et E. Lee (du département de Language and Literacy Education à UBC) fait l’objet du deuxième rapport de quinze pages. La vidéocassette a pour sujet l’exécution du programme en milieu scolaire. 2e à la 7e année. $14,95

9 LA F8426A and LAF8426B — Résolution de problèmes ˆ 4e année, Isabelle Melançon, 61 p. ©2001. Un cahier de problèmes à résoudre nécessitant l‚application de différentes stratégies tout en développant le vocabulaire de français et de mathématiques. Les Éditions – À Reproduire. Niveau 4e et 5e. $31,95. F8436B – Résolution de problèmes — 4e année, Corrigé de l‚enseignant, 61 p. $11,95

10 LA F9408A and LA F9408B - Math de tête ! 6e année, Annie St-Amand, 60 p. (c)2003. Un cahier d‚activités reliées aux nombres et leur valeur, les quatre opérations, les fractions et les nombres décimaux, les mesures, la logique : stratégies, connaissances et applications. Les Éditions – À Reproduire. Niveau 6e et 7e. $31,95. LA 9408B - Math de tête ! 6e année, Corrigé de l‚enseignant, 60 p. $11,95

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100-550 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2 or telephone 604-871-2180 or toll free 1-800-663-9163, Local 2180, with a Visa or Mastercard. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail. Lesson Aids office and display room hours: 9:00–5:00 Mon. to Fri. from Sept. to June; 9:00 to 5:00 Tues. to Fri. during July and Aug.; 9:00–12:00 on Sat. during Sept., Oct., Jan., and Feb.bctf.ca/LessonAids


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