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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 6, April 2005

College of Teachers 2005–06 fee information

The annual certificate fee remains at $90 for the third consecutive year. (The college changed its certificate year to begin July 1. Accordingly, last year your fees were pro-rated to $75 to account for a 10-month certificate year.) Certificate holders are responsible for ensuring their annual certificate fees are paid. Non-payment results in certificate cancellation.

Fee deadlines

April 1, 2005: Online fee payment available at www.bcct.ca.

June 30, 2005: Last day to pay annual certificate fees without penalty.

July 1, 2005: Certificate suspended for non-payment of fees. Reinstatement requires payment of the annual certificate fee and a late charge of $30.

August 1, 2005: Certificate cancelled for non-payment of fees.

Fee categories

  • Category 1: Practising—$90
    Employed in B.C. in K–12 system, or in related position in B.C. for which a college certificate was used to gain employment.
  • Category 2: Practising on LTD—$0
    Working less than 0.6 FTE and on long-term disability.
  • Category 3: Non-practising*—$45
    Not employed in B.C. as described in Category 1, but not on a pension. Must complete Non-practising Undertaking form, unless college has a signed form on file.
  • Category 4: Non-practising on pension—$0
    Collecting pension related to teaching. Must complete Non-practising Undertaking form, unless college has a signed form on file.

*If you are unsure whether you will be working in 2005–06, you can pay the non-practising fee and upgrade to practising status at a later date. To upgrade, pay the balance of the practising fee.

Payment methods

  • Credit card online: Visit the www.bcct.ca/fees//members/member_login.aspx, Certificate Holders Area.
  • Credit card authorization: Download a www.bcct.ca/fees/documents/cca_form.pdf, Credit Card Payment Authorization Form for mailing to the college.
  • Pre-authorized payment: Download a www.bcct.ca/fees/documents/pap_form.pdf, Pre-authorized Payment Form, which must be received by the college by May 31, 2005.
  • Cheque: include your certificate number on the back and deliver to the college.
  • Payroll deduction: Talk to your payroll department or employer.

** Please include your certificate number on all correspondence. Certificate-holder cards are mailed within three weeks of payment.


BCTF-endorsed college candidates


The following members are the BCTF-endorsed candidates for the 2005 BC College of Teachers’ Council elections are:

Zone 1 (North Coast)—Rena Neufeld (Nechako)

Zone 3 (South Central)—Dale Townsend (North Okanagan-Schuswap)

Zone 8 (Lower Mainland East)—Pat Dyer (New Westminister)

Zone 10 (Lower Mainland West)—Jim Gill (Vancouver Secondary)

Locals in these zones endorsed these members in accordance with BCTF policies and procedures and will be encouraged to vote for them in the BC College of Teachers Council elections in April/May 2005.

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