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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 5, March 2005

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 9340 Active Citizenship: Student Action Projects by Roland Case, Cliff Falk, Neil Smith, Walt Werner, 103 p. ©2004. This resource book provides a framework supported with teaching and assessment materials for elementary and secondary teachers to guide students in planning and implementing a social action project. Five student tasks comprise the problem-solving model. The "tools" to help students carry out each task are developed through learning activities. Suitable for intermediate, middle school and secondary students. $29.95

2 LA 9322 Not So Natural Disasters: Elementary School Edition produced by Co-Development Canada, 106 p. ©2003. This global education resource book is a teaching unit on the links between natural disasters and climate change, environmental degradation and global inequality. The unit consists of five sections containing an overview, background information, and activity handouts for students. Each section has identified core activities central to the objectives of the section, as well as some optional activities. The unit is planned as a progression of activities, moving from empathy, to knowledge, to action. The activities are flexible so that teachers can adapt them to the needs of their students. Grades 5–7. $19.95

LA 2047 Not So Natural Disasters: Secondary School Edition, 94 p. ©2002. Grades 8–12, $20.95.

3 LA F8425AUn peu de tout—Mathématiques 3, Micheline Dupuis, 55 p., ©2003. Cahier d‚activités reliées à différents concepts de mathématiques tels que la numération, les nombres (pair, impair, premier, composé, carré), résolution de problèmes, chiffres romains, les opérations, les probabilités, les mesures, la géométrie, etc. Les Éditions—À Reproduire. Niveau 3e et 4e. $31.95. LA F425B—Un peu de tout - Mathématiques 3, Corrigé de l‚enseignant, $11.95.

4 LA 9282Our World by Sonja E. Schild, 63 p. ©2003. The first half of the workbook teaches students the basics of world geography using maps, charts and illustrations. The second half of the workbook reinforces and tests students on the subject matter using many pictures, crossword puzzles and games. Most pages also include a section called Brainwork. It requires research and encourages creative thinking and problem solving. Grades 3–7. $26.95.

5 LA 9928About IEPs produced by the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Assn., 100 p. and CD Rom, Fall 2003. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, features articles on IEPs, which give students the dignity and the time to be successful in their pursuit of education. Included in this issue is a CD which contains manual templates, IEP short form, IEP long form and chekclist of adaptations and modifications. K–12. $12

6 LA3314 Exploring Aboriginal Culture: Then and Now produced by FORED BC, 73 p., 30-min. VHS videocassette, ©2004. This learning resource package includes three lesson plans Misconceptions; Exploring First Nations Treaties and Native Hip Hop. Also included are the following resources: basic guide to First Nations names; map of First Nations of Canada; recommended book and website guide; aboriginal perspectives video resources; "When Teaching about Aboriginal Peoples"; an historical look at Canada and BC’s relationship with First Nations; and guest speaker information. Also included is a 30-min. VHS video titled "What’s the Deal with Treaties—a Video about Treaty Making in British Columbia" produced by BC Treaty Commission and a 36 page guide. Grades 10–12. $39

7 LA1073 A Teaching Unit on Music and Society Produced by VIDEA, 15 p. ©2003. Students study how musicians use music to address societal issues like poverty. In the final project students research a song of their choice and investigate both the song and the social context that inspired it. Includes overheads, handouts and worksheets. Suitable for English 11–12 and Communications 11–12. $8.95.

Other available units in the Global Learner series from BCTF are LA 1072 "A Teaching Unit on Consumerism and Media Literacy", LA 2031 "A Teaching Unit on Global Warming," LA 2032 "A Teaching Unit on Peace and Conflict", and LA 2033 "A Teaching Unit on the Coffee Trade." This unit includes five detailed lesson plans in which students learn about poverty in Canada.

8 LA1074 A Symposium on Phenomenological Research with Reference to Creative Writing by Dan Lukiv, 45 p., ©2004. This symposium of seven parts discusses: two phenomenological studies that explored lived school experiences that had encouraged two people to become creative writers, the abstract versus the concrete sides of phenomenology, bracketing out bias and bracketing in possibilities, the implicit nature of interview data and poetry, the need for educators and researchers to use tact, and the precepts of something the writer calls Theory from Phenomenology. The writer has tried to avoid abstract language as much as possible to make the work accessible to readers unfamiliar with phenomenological inquiry. For teachers. $5.50

9 LA 2231 Making Decisions: Grade 9 Produced by the Alcohol-Drug Education Service, 118 p. ©2004. Designed for teachers and students of Grade 9 to provide learning activities that promote the development of skills in making major decisions, particularly to help prevent substance abuse. This classroom resource is based on current research surrounding adolescent development, what is known about the importance of decision-making, and problem solving. The modules focus on development of key skills in critical thinking, self-confidence and assertiveness, and on healthy and positive adolescent development and learning. The program reinforces and builds on the skills and information taught in "Making Decisions: Grade 6" (BCTF LA 2396), "Making Decisions: Grade 7" (BCTF LA 2397), and "Making Decisions: Grade 8 (BCTF LA 2230) Easy to use student worksheets and activities. $45.95

10 LA 9925 Technology, Software, and Computer Assist for the LAT produced by the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Assn., 128 p. Winter 2002. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 7, no. 2, features articles on what is current in B.C. with respect to technology education and learning assistance. K–12. $12

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/

For a complete listing of over 1000 BCTF Lesson Aids, consult the cataloque in your school library or the Lesson Aids online catalogue, bctf.ca/LessonAids

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100–550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail.

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