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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, No. 2, October 2004

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 2032 A Teaching Unit on Peace and Conflict produced by Victoria International Development Education Association, 19 p. ©2003.This resource book is part of VIDEA’s Global Learner Series. Other available units in this series from BCTF are: LA 1072-A Teaching Unit on Consumerism and Media Literacy; LA 1073—A Teaching Unit on Music and Society; LA 2031-A Teaching Unit on Global Warming; LA 2033—A Teaching Unit on the Coffee Trade. This unit includes four lesson plans about the nature of peace and conflict. Students also read a case study about religious conflict in India, and learn how peace can be maintained during times of strife, then students investigate the causes and solutions to youth violence. Also included are overheads, handouts and worksheets, and four recent news articles on the Kyoto Protocol. Suitable for use in CAPP 10 and Social Studies 10 and 11. $8.95

2 LA 3228 Exploring Aboriginal Culture: Learning Through the Arts produced by FORED BC, 333 p. ©2004. Iincludes six lesson plans and resources: Legends of Our Time-Seven Legends by George Blondin; Masks; Bringing a Legend to Life and Historical Highlights; What Our Elders Say; Fishing. Also included: basic guide to First Nations names, map of First Nations of Canada, recommended book and web site guide, aboriginal perspectives video resources, "When Teaching about Aboriginal Peoples," an historical look at Canada and B.C.’s relationship with First Nations, guest speaker information, "Claire and Her Grandfather," learning circle classroom activities on First Nations in Canada, It’s a Pow-Wow game sheet, aboriginal book list for children, and six information booklets. Grades 4–7 $39

3 LA 9771 Rhythm for Kids: A Samba Unit for Teachers by Eric Hartman, 55 p. and audio CD, ©2002. Bring the excitement of Afro-Brazilian percussion into your classroom! "Rhythm for Kids: A Samba Unit for Teachers" provides teachers with all that is needed to teach this powerful music to intermediate, middle, and high school students. The book includes instrument techniques, music notation, classroom management tips and photos. The accompanying CD has audio tracks of each rhythm pattern, as well as recordings of different combinations and a complete arrangement. Suitable for generalists and music specialists. Grades 4+ $34.95

4 LA ESL220 Around the World with Proverbs, Metaphors, and Storytelling: An Interactive Workbook for ESL Students by Vivian Chu, 70 p. ©2004. This student resource complements the teachers’ resource book Teaching Global Unity Through Proverbs, Metaphors, and Storytelling, BCTF lesson aid ESL 219.This resource package consists of a student workbook and a CD ROM that includes sound files for listening and dictation practice and language activities on global issues of peace, war, freedom, justice/ injustice, social responsibility, poverty, oppression, racism and hope, and the universal themes of love, wisdom, beauty, truth, good and evil, time, money, persistence, power, caution, death, heaven and angels. The vision that inspired this book is the awareness that language learners can engage in intercultural communication and gain global understanding while acquiring linguistic skills. Students can also acquire reflective and critical thinking skills, and contribute to the peace process as they become active global citizens. Grades 4+ $24.95

5 LA F8511 J’observe les escargots, les araignées et autres bestioles, Brillon, Gilles. Éditions Michel Quintin, 80 p., ©1992.Ce guide pratique d’activités est une aide à la découverte et à l’observation d’invertébrés assez courants, mais pourtant mal connus : vers de terre, limaces, escargots, araignées, myriapodes et cloportes.Une carte d’identité de l’animal, quelques détails sur leur biologie et modalités particulières de capture et d’élevage sont complétés par des expériences à réaliser et qui font découvrir un des aspects de son comportement.2e–4e année $15.95

6 LA 4014 Appropriate Technology for a Sustainable Future: Step 1 by John Eckfeldt, 50 p. ©2003.This teacher’s guide provides an in-depth look at Appropriate Technology (AT) and in particular cooking energy. It is divided into three main chapters. The first is an introduction to AT and in this chapter many different kinds are explored and the criteria for AT are discussed. In the second chapter, the problem of cooking energy is explored. Complications with current methods and AT solutions are investigated. Students are instructed on how to build a simple solar cooker or a retained-heat cooker. The third chapter looks at solar cooking specifically and students are given the opportunity to build more sophisticated solar cookers and to explore the global applications of solar cookers. This is a lengthy teaching unit, as the whole package can take between 16 and 25 classes to complete. However, each chapter can stand alone and the teaching material can be adapted to the class and time frame. Included in the teaching guide are many extra recommended resources. The British Columbia Learning Outcomes targeted are: Technology Education 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and Science and Technology 11. This guide can be accessed in its entirety online through the VIDEA web site: www.videa.ca. Grades 8–12 $11.95

7 LAEE211 Land of the Spirit Bear by D. Simon Jackson, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, 41 p., 12-minute VHS videocassette and colour poster, ©2003. This package includes a 12-minute video, 23-page teacher’s guide and an 18-page student’s guide. The video overviews the habitat and environment of the white Kermode or spirit bear of British Columbia. For almost seven years, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition has been campaigning to protect a 249,000 hectare Wilderness Conservancy, originally proposed by the Valhalla Wilderness Society, the last place the bears can call home. The teacher’s guide includes four sections with information on the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition Education initiative--the Youth Action Model, Engaging Youth, the Plight of the Spirit Bear and Taking the Next Step. The student’s guide includes three sections with information on Starting a Chapter of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, and two resource tools relating to the Youth Action Model and the Plight of the Spirit Bear. Grades 4+ $25.95

8 LA8577 Take It to Your Seat Science Centers, Grades 1–2 produced by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, 192 p. ©2004. This resource includes 14 self-contained centers for science and literacy skills, are easy to make with step-by-step directions and include full-colour covers and task cards. Topics include life cycles, space, plants, animals, energy, weather and the human body. Note that the book is produced in the USA and may contain some US references. $22.95

9 LA9977 Rethinking Our Classrooms: Volumes 1 and 2 produced by Rethinking Schools, 240 p. ©2001.This two-volume book package includes articles about teaching, as well as curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and resources, all grounded in the realities of the classroom. The books are invaluable tools for educators who are striving to promote social justice and high-quality student learning. The books are frequently used in Curriculum and Instruction, Human Relations, Multicultural Education, Language and Literacy, Educational Psychology, Social and Psychological Conditions of Learning, and Creating Learning Environments courses. Suitable for Kindergarten through college. Note that the books are published in the USA and contain some US-based references. Grades K–12 $22.95

10 LA2398 Seeing Red: An Anger Management and Peacemaking Curriculum for Kids by Jennifer Simmonds, 82 p. ©2004. Designed to help elementary and middle-school aged students better understand their anger so they can make healthy and successful choices and build strong relationships. Overall it aims for participants to realize that they can control their behavior and develop practical skills and strategies to manage their feelings which, in turn, will increase their self-esteem. These objectives are achieved through role playing common situations, identifying associated feelings, doing problem solving, recognizing negative behaviors, and anticipating consequences. Each session includes objectives for that particular lesson, a list of supplies needed for its activities, a description of tasks to do before the lesson, background notes to the leader, a warm-up activity at the start, an explanation of the various learning activities, and a closing activity. Grades K–8 $23.95

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100-550 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2 or telephone 604-871-2180 or toll free 1-800-663-0163, Local 2180, with a Visa or Mastercard. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail. Lesson Aids office and display room hours: 9:00–5:00 Mon. to Fri. from Sept. to June; 9:00 to 5:00 Tues. to Fri. during July and Aug.; 9:00–12:00 on Sat. during Sept., Oct., Jan., and Feb. bctf.ca/LessonAids

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