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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 2, October 2004

BCTF Executive decisions

The BCTF Executive Committee made the following decisions at its September 24–25, 2004, meeting:

BC College of Teachers
The Executive Committee is recommending to the October Representative Assembly that the 2003–04 college fees collected in the Democratic College Fund be returned to individual members.

The college was run by government appointees last year. Last spring the government changed the rules so that any person who ever held a college certificate was allowed to vote in the recent elections, regardless of whether she or he had ever paid any fees. There is no reason for teachers to pay for the college for the year the government ran it.

The executive is seeking input from teachers before making a recommendation regarding the payment of this year’s college fee.

Opposed to trafficking in young girls
The BCTF is writing to the premier, the minister of education, the minister of children and families, and the attorney-general condemning the trafficking in young girls in Bountiful as wives. The BCTF is calling on the government to stop funding the independent school in Bountiful.

B.C. ferries to be built in Europe
The BCTF is writing the premier to express opposition to the government decision to build B.C. Super C Class ferries in Europe. B.C. shipyards were excluded from the final bidding. The investment of $500 million of B.C. taxpayer funds and approximately 2,000 jobs will go overseas. www.bcshipyardworkers.com

Bargaining structure
The BCTF response to the Wright Commission’s options paper is that teachers should have the right to strike and bargain the full scope of issues. Local bargaining is the preferred structure for teacher bargaining so that the teachers and community representatives can negotiate what is necessary for the children in the community.

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