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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 6, April 2006

AGM bargaining decisions

The BCTF will continue to insist that the government:

  1. restore the language stripped from the collective agreements through the enactment of Bills 27 (Education Services Collective Agreement Act—ESCAA), 28 (Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act—PEFCA), and 19 (Education Services Collective Agreement Amendment Act—ESCAAA).
  2. ensure that members have full, free local collective bargaining rights including the right to bargain all terms and conditions of employment, and the right to strike.
  3. provide funding that will ensure a fair and reasonable salary increase for members.
  4. ensure the professional rights, status, and practice of members.

And, that these conditions be in place for the beginning of the next school year, September 5, 2006.

Objectives for teacher bargaining in 2006:

  1. Class-size limits and class-composition provisions for Grades K–12 and adult education.
  2. Staffing ratios for specialist teachers and associated professionals that increase services to students and schools.
  3. A salary increase for all members that makes BC teacher salaries comparable to those in Ontario and Alberta.
  4. Improvements in preparation time for all teachers comparable to provisions achieved by Ontario teachers.
  5. Employment equity for Aboriginal teachers.
  6. Provisions that define the hours of work, including the work year.
  7. Professional autonomy, teacher control of professional development, and improved professional-development funding that ensures equity of access to professional development for all teachers.
  8. Improvements in benefits, including an allowance to offset SIP premiums.
  9. Portability of seniority and sick leave.
  10. Improved TOC working conditions including salary, benefits, seniority, and hiring rights.
  11. Provision of a teacher on call for every teacher absence.

That in the event negotiations do not achieve an agreement-in-committee before the Spring Representative Assembly, the RA adopt an action plan that includes a date for a strike vote.

That should legislation adverse to teachers be introduced:

  1. the Executive Committee will hold an emergency meeting to adopt a response plan.
  2. locals will hold emergency general meetings to vote on the Executive Committee recommended response plan.

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