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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 6, April 2006

SIP rebate

The BCTF will be issuing another series of SIP rebate cheques to cover shortfalls and anomalies arising from the first run of rebate cheques. The SIP rebate is for the year 2005–06 and is intended to reimburse members for the SIP premiums paid in this school year only. To be eligible for a rebate you must have been actively at work and contributing to the SIP plan between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006. The rebate cheques issued to date were based on September 2005 payroll information and calculated on the assumption you would continue to have SIP premiums deducted at that rate to the end of June 2006.

An online form will be posted on a BCTF web page between April 18, 2006 and May 5, 2006 for members who fall into one of the following categories to self-report anomalies in the SIP rebate.

  • A member’s employment status changed after the boards submitted the September 30 payroll data (a member was 0.5 FTE and became 1.0 FTE; a member was a TOC in September 2005 and then was hired to fill the position and the contract was back dated; or a member had TQS adjustments).
  • A member has been hired since September 30.
  • A member who was on a leave in September has returned to work.
  • A member who has received an overpayment due to termination, commencement of unpaid leave, or withdrawal from the LTD portion of the SIP plan in the 2005–06 school year.

Because of fluctuations in adult education payrolls we are unable to calculate accurate rebate amounts for adult educators until after the last payroll in June. Therefore, we will not be issuing rebate cheque adjustments for adult educators until the final 2005–06 payroll data is available. The online form will be reactivated at the end of June.

– Sharon Wood

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