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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, No. 4, January/February 2006

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 9932—Inclusive Education by Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, 68 p. Fall 2005.This issue of LATA's The Vital Link journal, volume 10, number 2, focuses on how to best suit the needs of all learners. The articles include a number of different perspectives on what teachers, parents and students have to say about inclusive education. $12

2 LA 2042A—Earth Wall Chart produced by the Global Education Project, ©2005. This folded coloured wall chart, 68 cm x 92 cm, is a graphic look at the state of the planet. The chart includes 15 maps and 99 charts which provides one big picture. The Earth chart presents essential data and commentaries on the condition of the world's environment, both natural and human. Ecology topics include fresh water, climate change, pollution and toxics, biomes and habitat, ocean currents, biotechnology, species at risk and soil health. Humanity topics include population, health and lifespan, wealth and poverty, farming and fishing, oil, coal and gas, food supply, energy use and security. Grades 6–12 $19.95. Also available laminated, LA 2042B $33.95

3 LA 2233—Children At Risk: Our Back Yard produced by Lorraine Duske, ©2005, 24-minute DVD. This film is an insightful perspective of six individual children who survive daily on the streets of Vancouver, BC. It is a progressive documentary that reveals their stories through their own eyes. From these adolescence’s point of view, the audience is taken into their makeshift home underground and onto the city streets. Their individual experiences are woven together with color, texture and music. They share with us who they are, how they ended up where they are today, what organizations/systems are working for them, and where they are still falling through the cracks. Their painful and much ignored existence is reflected upon, with the result of social solutions and their hope for tomorrow. The film-maker was personally moved by all six kids. Their experiences were presented with heart, soul, and insight. Grades 8 and up. $31.95

4 LA 2334—Kindness Counts: Empathy Unit produced by the BC SPCA Humane Education Department, 60 p. ©2004. This primary curriculum-linked unit is designed to teach empathy, compassion, and respect for others, for animals and nature. Through participatory activities students will understand and demonstrate empathy by noting similarities and differences between people and animals. By examining their own feelings, students learn to recognize how their actions and words affect others and the world around them. An awareness and acknowledgement of how kind acts affect other people, animals and the environment is the result. Developing empathy skills works to reduce the acts of violence to all living things. The unit includes a hands-on guide for introducing the concept of empathy for others and animals. Materials also link the empathy concept to the care of nature. Master activity sheets for and general pet care information is also included. For a free copy of the unit visit www.spca.bc.ca/kids, Grades K–2. $7.95

5 LA 2335—Friends for Life produced by the BC SPCA Humane Education Department, 58 p. ©2004. This intermediate level unit is designed to teach responsibility and empathy. Empathy, a skill essential for pro-social behaviour and a prime indicator of the potential success of a child, can sometimes be difficult to teach. Incorporating animals as the subject gives students a neutral ground from which to start. Responsibility contributes to students feeling confident. It is important that students understand that their actions and words are their responsibility and affect others around them. Pet care responsibility is quite common for many students. By using pet care as a base to introduce responsibility, the concept can be extended to students’ responsibilities as citizens within the community. The unit includes a teacher's guide and student worksheets. For a free copy of the unit visit www.spca.bc.ca/kids, Grades 3–5

6 LA 2336—Cluck! The Life of an Egg-Laying Chicken produced by the BC SPCA Humane Education Department, 42 p. ©2003. This unit introduces young people about farming practices, chicken physiology and behaviours, encourages students to think critically about where their food comes from, and teaches them respect for animals. The unit lessons go beyond animal welfare by ensuring young people understand the differences that can be made through informed consumer choices to help direct social change. For a free copy of the unit visit www.spca.bc.ca/kids, Grades 3–5.

7 LA 2337—Bite Free Kit—Dog Bite Safety Unit produced by the BC SPCA Humane Education Department, 10-minute VHS video and 42 p. ©2002. This kit is a comprehensive, award-winning dog bite safety unit used extensively across North America. It includes a teacher’s manual with lesson plans, dog communication information, master worksheets and more, plus the 10-minute entertaining and informative video "Bite Free: Playing It Safe with Dogs." Also included is "Tom and Luka Teach Bite Free," about how to present a dog bite safety lesson in a classroom. K–6. $22.95

8 LA 9175—More Novel Study Questions for Intermediate Students by Tina Drewes, CD Rom, ©2005. The author of LA 9007, "Novel Study Questions for Intermediate Students", has produced a CD Rom with novel studies for 135 novels. The novel studies include chapter questions on looking for detail, general comprehension and critical thinking. Grades 4–7. $5.95

9 LA F9923—Au pays des gitans : Recueil d’outils pour intégrer l’élève en difficulté dans la classe régulièr, Martine Leclerc, 242 p. ©2001. Au pays des gitans propose des pistes, des moyens qui nourrissent une vision de l’enseignement où la différence de chaque élève est acceptée, reconnue et considérée comme une contribution originale au projet de vie que s’est donné la classe. Ce livre incorpore également une banque d’adresses Internet et du matériel reproductible pour appuyer les enseignants. $49.95

10 LA F9924—Stratégies et compétences : Intervenir pour mieux agir, Martine Peters et Sylvie Viola, 213 p. ©2003. Pourquoi enseigner des stratégies d’apprentissage ? L’acquisition de stratégies d’apprentissage permet à l’élève de construire des connaissances et de développer des compétences, favorisant ainsi sa réussite scolaire. Cet ouvrage comprend 15 stratégies, faisant des liens entre celles-ci et le développement des compétences, le rôle de l’enseignant et des situations d’apprentissages signifiants. M – 6/7. $39.95

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/

For a complete listing of over 1000 BCTF Lesson Aids, consult the Lesson Aids online catalogue, bctf.ca/LessonAids

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100–550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail.

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