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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 4, January/February 2006

Yours for the asking

Global education project
"Earth: A Graphic Look at the State of the World" has just been published by the Global Education Project, a non-profit foundation in BC—theglobaleducationproject.org/. This comprehensive resource, available online and as a printed poster, summarizes the conditions of the world’s ecology and humanity and how they effect each other. Visually and factually stunning, this publication is a valuable tool for anyone teaching about or striving to understand the world’s complex environmental and humanitarian challenges.

This 27"x36" wall poster showcases an unparalleled collection of over 100 charts, 15 maps, and explanatory text, all rigorously referenced to reliable sources. It is an extraordinarily holistic and integrated overview, connecting a maze of apparently disparate issues such as wealth distribution and climate change, oil supply and food production, global warming and global fisheries.

Information, maps, and graphics from the poster are also accessible on the web site at theglobaleducationproject.org/.

Stream to sea education program
For the past 25 years, teachers around BC have been incubating salmon in the classroom and taking children on field trips to local streams. Now Fisheries & Oceans Canada is bringing the ocean to the classroom too!

If you are interested in bringing "Stream to Sea" to your classroom, please contact Joanne Day at 604-666-6614 or e-mail dayj@pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca to access resources, lesson plans, or help from DFO staff in your geographic area of BC.

If you are attending the Children’s Festival in Vancouver this May, Peter Donaldson is bringing his Salmonpeople play for four performances. Order tickets at www.childrensfestival.ca.

Salmonpeople dives into the issues around living in a sustainable way, while being a steward to the local watershed and caring about your community.

Teaching global citizenship
"Sharing the Harvest" is a ready-to-use activity guide designed to encourage the development of world perspectives and global citizenship in youth. Produced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in conjunction with Classroom Connections, this resource provides transformative learning opportunities that explore concepts such as resource inequities in the global village, international human rights, fair trade, and global interconnectedness. The materials are free to classrooms and youth organizations in Canada and are designed for use in Grades 4 to 8, offering excellent curriculum connections in social science and social studies.

The resource is divided into three sections. "Gathering Crops" focuses on the interconnections we share, what it means to be a global citizen, and the development of global perspectives. "Supporting Growth" examines the rights we hold as global citizens and looks at how the actions of individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments can affect the rights and lives of others around the world. "Sowing the Seeds of Tomorrow" builds awareness and understanding of global issues and of the ways that each of us can make a difference. It encourages youth to imagine the range of futures possible for our world and the personal actions they can take to help create the future they envision.

Sharing the Harvest is the final resource in the Cultivate Your Commitment to Canada trilogy. The series aims to empower youth with the concepts, understanding, and skills they need to be responsible, caring, and active citizens, both in Canadian society and within the global community.

The first resource in the series, "Planting the Seeds," explores the concept of personal citizenship, while the second guide, "Nurturing Growth," expands that understanding to include what it means to be an active Canadian citizen.

All materials are available for download at classroomconnections.ca/en/ccc.html and hard copies can be ordered at www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizen/belonging/onlineform.html.

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