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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 3, November/December 2005

Boards stand up to ministry official

At least three school boards stood up to the Ministry of Education and ignored a directive from Deputy Education Minister Emery Dosdall telling boards that they had to deduct all lost pay in the month of October.

Dosdall sent a memo to boards directing them to make the deductions in October and inferred that they could be in contempt of court if they didn’t. The court ruling on the withdrawal stated that the BCTF could not use its resources to encourage the continuation of the action. The contempt of court hearing came about because the employer, the BC Public School Employers’ Association went to court to have the Labour Relations Board order enforced. It is not believable that BCPSEA would attempt to have the courts rule against boards for taking the pay off over a more extended period of time.

The minister of education eventually said that Dosdall’s directive was just a suggestion, but boards had to make their own decisions. Many boards provided an early mid-month advance or interest-free loan to be paid back over a couple of months.

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