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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 3, November/December 2005

Looking back

70 years ago

One of the most satisfactory things about the school man’s world here in British Columbia is the friendly intimacy between the Department of Education and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation. A letter from the Superintendent of Education is evidence in point. Dr. Willis writes: "The selection of committees for the revision of the Programme of Studies in the various phases of work for Grades I to VI has been submitted by the Central Curriculum Revision Committee. The Department of Education wishes these committees to have at their disposal as full an expression of the views of the teachers of the province as may be obtained."
The BC Teacher, November 1935

50 years ago

The old argument that principals of schools should not be members of the Teachers’ Federation will not meet with the approval of all principals. This attempt to turn a principal into a "school manager" instead of a scholastic head is regrettable in the eyes of many members of this teaching group. I happen to know more than one good principal who looks on himself as a teacher first and foremost with his administrative duties taking a second place. That is a sound attitude and one that is far more likely to produce a healthy educational atmosphere. I just don’t like the "managerial" type of state we seem to be drifting into.
The BC Teacher, December 1955

30 years ago

Bonjour mes enfants! Thus begins a school day for more than 400 public school children in B.C. who receive all or most of their instruction in French. This number is growing rapidly, as a major educational movement labeled "French Immersion" gains popularity among English-speaking people throughout Canada. Its aim is to make children bilingual in Canada’s official languages.
The BC Teacher, Nov./Dec. 1975

10 years ago

You may have been appalled by a recent CBC radio report of a school assembly in Regina. The principal brought all the students to the gym for what was described by one commentator as an "infomercial" on the virtues of drinking bottled water. He told the students that drinking water improves brainpower, but not the tap water in Saskatchewan, and that they should drink bottled water. The principal was wearing a T-shirt with the brand name of the water, distributed by Coca-Cola, the company paying the school to sell the products.
Teacher, Nov./Dec. 1995
– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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