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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 3, November/December 2005

Poetic justice

The Class War
by John Allemang

"We must uphold the rule of law,"
Says Gordon Campbell, he who saw
No harm in knocking back a few
And driving with his wits askew
While on vacation, far away
From any thoughts of teachers’ pay.

Now this ex-drunk’s our sober guide
To why some get an easy ride
In BC’s brisk economy,
While leaders, with false bonhomie,
Insist that teachers pay the price
Since public service is a vice.

Contracts imposed for years and years,
No wage increases—save the tears—
And here’s a detail business likes:
You’re too essential. No more strikes.

But it’s not worth what Campbell saves
When public servants end up slaves,
Essential only in the court
That twists their rights into a tort.

Respect the law? Gord, what’s at stake
Means more than some sweetheart tax break—
But if you like your tough-guy pose,
Try wage control for CEOs.

Globe and Mail, October 22, 2005

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