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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 3, November/December 2005

President’s message

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who made our stand successful. Teachers can be proud of the fact that we stood up for our students, our rights, and our profession. The unity displayed by our 38,000 members honouring the results of our democratic votes was overwhelming and inspiring. The government has learned that it must change the way it treats the teachers of this province.

We have to thank the members of our support staff unions who went out with us without even having had a vote.

We received support from students, parents, retired teachers, members of other unions, and other British Columbians in general.

We received direct support in different forms from the BC Federation of Labour, CUPE, the Federation of Post Secondary Educators, and many other organizations.

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation was quick to step in and offer support. It ran supportive radio ads throughout BC. It established the BC Teacher Hardship Fund immediately following the court decision to cut off strike pay. The presidents of all the CTF affiliates attended the rally in Victoria. The Ontario Teachers’ Federation and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation placed full-page ads in The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and The Victoria Times Columnist. The president of the Washington Educators’ Association also visited picket lines in Metro and on Vancouver Island.

We received letters of support from teacher organizations around the world.

Your actions have been an inspiration. Together we have proven we can change the direction of this government. Together, we can see this action through and ensure that our students experience improved learning conditions in September.

I want to thank every teacher for your courageous stand. You are my heroes.

Jinny Sims

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