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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 2, October 2005

Readers write

In memory of our dear friend David McClean

Dave was not only a wonderful friend but also a unique human being—a realist, perceptive and perspicacious, one who saw issues clearly and acted on them. He was a voracious reader, an articulate speaker, a seeker of knowledge whose love of learning endured. Possessed of a remarkable sense of humour and fast wit, he loved good conversation and argument. Dave stood out in any group.

Teacher, traveller, fisher, forager, collector, knowledge-seeker, photographer, techie, activist, sailor, reader, humorist, and conversationalist; his many enthusiasms over the decades received his characteristic single-minded focus.

Being a union activist was an important part of his life. He made a significant contribution to the political-action task force and also, as a BCTF rep., to the provincial committee on computer technology in education. His abilities served him well on the floor of numerous AGMs. As president of the Langley Teachers’ Association, he provided unequivocal leadership and support for teachers at a time when it was much needed.

Dave was born in Claudy, Northern Ireland, on March 10, 1941. He died on May 17, 2005. He is greatly missed by Margaret, Ken and Olga McClean, his mother Jean and sister Anne in Ireland, and many friends here.

Jan and Terry Eastman

Respect international law

Kenneth Abramson’s letter in the September Teacher states that "It doesn’t seem to matter if ‘the wall’ built by Israel as a defense against suicide bombers has been shown to be very effective for this purpose." It doesn’t seem to matter precisely because it doesn’t matter, at least in respect to the wall’s legality.

If it is illegal for me to have a nuclear bomb in my house, my perception of its efficacy in deterring burglars is irrelevant. The wall has been built in violation of international law—and international law must be respected, because if it goes, only the law of the jungle remains.

Greg DePaco

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