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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 1, September 2005

B.C. school administrators are the highest paid in Canada

School administrators in B.C. are the highest paid in Canada, according to a cross-Canada survey carried out by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. Not only do B.C. administrators make more money than administrators in other provinces, but the gap between teacher and administrator salaries in B.C. is the highest in the country as well.

The CTF survey is based on selecting sample districts from each province, since most salary grids in the country are based on local agreements. The Vancouver School District was chosen for the B.C. comparison. Although figures vary from district to district, they are generally in the same range within provinces.

In both categories of amount paid and comparison with teacher salaries, the B.C. examples were the highest. The report says:

Maximum principals’ salaries range from $79,110 in Prince Edward Island to $114,776 in Vancouver Secondary in B.C. As a percentage of the maximum teacher’s salary, rates ranged from 116% in the Yellowknife Catholic School District, Northwest Territories to 163% in Vancouver Secondary.

The range in most of the country has administrators making about 30% more than the highest paid teachers in the same jurisdiction, about half the administrator bonus in B.C. You can easily make similar comparisons in your district by finding the highest salary a teacher can earn and compare it to the highest amount that an administrator can earn.

The hiring of additional administrators with the increased funding to school boards is a very inefficient use of resources. Since administrator salaries are so much higher than teacher salaries, hiring an additional administrator costs much more than a teacher. If the administrator is teaching part-time, that is by far the most expensive teaching in the system.

The BCTF Research Department has also developed a new research report that shows the teacher/administrator ratio by school district in 2001–02 and 2004–05, as well as the change in the ratio over that time. Most districts reduced the number of administrators, although not by as much as the number of teachers.

This research report provides locals with baseline data to make comparisons and to track the change in teacher/ administrator ratios if districts hire administrators rather than teachers. It can be found on the BCTF web site at bctf.ca/Publications/researchreports/2005td02/report.html.

– Larry Kuehn

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