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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 1, September 2005

Looking back

70 years ago

On every hand today, throughout our school systems, there is evidence that Education is becoming scientific. Much is heard of scientific tests, scientific measurements, and scientific curriculum building. Maria Montessori has said that "Education is now passing from the philosophical into the scientific stage, as medicine did 1500 years ago." Scientific thinking, as such, is not new, but it has only recently been applied to education because only in comparatively recent years has the study of the human mind developed into a science, namely, psychology.
The BC Teacher, Sept. 1935

50 years ago

It would be a wonderful thing perhaps if you could really find the time and energy to see to the emotional adjustment of our children, along with the state of their fingernails, their respect for authority, the condition of their teeth, their ability to play basketball, their manners, their skill at finger-painting, wood-carving, and the slide trombone, and the weekday aspects of their search for God. But you can’t and weren’t intended to. You are grossly unfair to yourselves when you consent to be judged not merely as teachers but as foster parents, amateur psychiatrists, juvenile-court judges, athletic coaches, and lay preachers.
The BC Teacher, Sept./Oct. 1955

30 years ago

It is normally assumed that during primary school years children are motivated to achieve what teachers and the school system offer as proper goals, and one of these goals, of course, is the best grade. Our study suggests that typical grading as carried out in B.C. at present is not only failing as a motivator for a significant proportion of students, but acts as a deterrent to learning because it is providing them with a yardstick by which they may aspire to relatively low levels of achievement. And, perhaps least unexpected, but most depressing, it seems likely that already by age seven, social class has influenced students so much and in such ways that their attitude toward scholastic achievement and the school system’s rewards discourages their ability to be successful within the system.
The BC Teacher, Sept./Oct. 1975

10 years ago

Somewhere in Victoria there must be an "I" generator–a computer program, created for the Ministry of Education. A description of a major education program initiative is fed in, and the "I" generator spits out a name that starts with an I. That would explain the four "I"s of 1995–the IRP, the IP, the IEP, and the IT. These four significant ministry changes will affect teachers throughout the province.
Teacher, September 1995

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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