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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 5, March 2006

547 more teachers

Our job action has resulted in the hiring of 547 more teachers (full-time equivalents) to work with students. Locals worked out agreements with school boards to hire classroom teachers, special education teachers, and learning assistance teachers to help with oversized classes and problems of class composition.

This is only the beginning of the restoration of services for our students. We continue to press the issue of class size and composition at the Learning Round Table and will be taking the issue forward in bargaining when it opens in April. We hosted a conference on class size and composition on February 10–11, 2006.

Thanks to our job action, the government has finally acknowledged that our schools need more resources and that class size and composition are key concerns. We need to keep the issue in front of the public and the government. Teachers need to continue to speak out on issues of concern for students and teachers. Polling consistently tells us that teachers are the most credible source of information about our schools.

– Peter Owens

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