Provincial Specialist Association Presidents

Last updated June 20, 2017
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41 BC Art Teachers' Association (BCATA)
  Dennis Memmott
Clayton Heights Secondary School
7003 188 Street
Surrey, BC  V4N 3G6
f: 604-576-4793

42 BC Business Education Association (BCBEA)
  Martin Runge
Correlieu Secondary School
850 Anderson Drive
Quesnel, BC  V2J 1G4
250-992-7007 (ext. 4022)
f: 250-992-8476

44 BC School Counsellors' Association (BCSCA)
  David MacKenzie
Clarence Fulton Secondary School
Box 2301
Vernon, BC  V1H 1Y1
f: 250-542-2028

45 Association Provinciale des Professeurs de l'Immersion et du Programme-Francophone BC (APPIPC)
  Sophie Bergeron
Winslow Centre, SD#43
1100B Winslow Avenue
Coquitlam, BC  V3J 2G3
f: 604-936-6129

46 BC Teachers of English Language Arts (BCTELA)
  Shelley Moore (Acting)
7811 Graville Avenue
Richmond, BC  V6Y 3E3
f: 604-668-6006

47 Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association (THESA)
  Paula Aquino
G.W. Graham Middle Secondary
45955 Thomas Road
Chilliwack, BC  V2B 0B5
f: 604-824-0711

48 Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers' Association (PITA)
  Elaine Jaltema
Chaffey-Burke Elementary
4404 Sardis Street
Burnaby, BC  V5H 1K7

49 BC Teacher-Librarians' Association (BCTLA)
  Heather Daly
Moody Elementary
2717 St Johns Street
Port Moody, BC  V3H 2B8

50 BC Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT)
  Michael Pruner
Argyle Secondary School
1131 Frederick Road
North Vancouver, BC  V7K 1J3
f: 604-903-3301

51 BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML)
  Rome Lavrencic
New Westminster Secondary
835 Eighth Street
New Westminster, BC  V3M 3S9
f: 604-517-6204

52 BC Music Educators' Association (BCMEA)
  Jamie Davis
Spectrum Community
957 West Burnside Road
Victoria, BC  V8Z 6E9

f: 250-479-8204

53 Learning Assistance Teachers' Association (LATA)
  Gail Bailey
Glenrosa Middle School
3565 McIver Road
West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1H8
250-870-5000 (ext. 6936)
f: 250-870-5076

54 Physical Education--British Columbia (PE-BC)
  Lisa Manzini
Garibaldi Highlands Elementary
Box 280
Garibaldi Highlands, BC  V0N 1T0
f: 604-898-4706

55 BC Primary Teachers' Association (BCPTA)
  Janine Fraser
Boundary District Teachers' Association
Box 634, 1815D Central Avenue
Grand Forks, BC  V0H 1H0
f: 250-446-2623

57 BC Science Teachers' Association (BCScTA)
  Grahame Rainey

58 BC Technology Education Association (BCTEA)
  Randy Grey
Sandwick Alternate Ctr
607 Cumberland Road
Courtenay, BC  V9N 7G5
f: 250-334-2506

59 BC Social Studies Teachers' Association (BCSSTA)
  Dale Martelli
Vancouver Technical Secondary
2600 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC  V5M 1Y5

60 Teachers of Inclusive Education, British Columbia (TIEBC)
  Debra Swain

62 Association of BC Drama Educators (ABCDE)
  Colin Plant
Claremont Secondary School
4980 Wesley Road
Victoria, BC  V8Y 1Y9
f: 250-652-5387

63 Association for Educators of Gifted, Talented, and Creative Children in BC (AEGTCCBC)
  Barbara Bishop
Hollywood Road Education Services
1040 Hollywood Road South
Kelowna, BC  V1X 4N2
250-860-5820 (ext. 8172)
f: 250-870-5087

64 BC Educators for Distributed Learning PSA (BCEDLPSA)
  David Comrie
Kamloops Open Online Learning
730 12th Street
Kamloops, BC  V2B 3C1
f: 250-377-2257

65 Computer-Using Educators of BC (CUEBC)
  Johnathan Hamlin
Pinetree Secondary School
3000 Pinewood Avenue
Coquitlam, BC  V3B 7Y7
604-464-2513 (ext. 4225)
f: 604-937-8056

66 Environmental Educators' PSA (EEPSA)
  Selina Metcalfe
Fleetwood Park Secondary School
7940 156 Street
Surrey, BC  V3S 3R3

f: 604-597-6481

67 BC Rural and Multi-grade Teachers' Association (BCRMTA)
  Jessica Dmytruk
Prespatou Elementary-Secondary
Box 240
Prespatou, BC  V0C 2S0
f: 250-630-2323

68 BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE)
  Shanee Prasad
8248 Wedgewood Street
Burnaby, BC  V3N 1C4
f: 604-713-5761

69 BC Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (BCTESOL)
  Charles Powell
Welcome Centre
102 7525 King George Blvd
Surrey, BC  V3W 5A8

70 BC Alternate Education Association (BCAEA)
  Mike Shaw
Central School Programs
1825 Richter Street
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2M8
f: 250-870-5020

71 Aboriginal Education Association (AEA)
  Janet Stromquist
Fort Langley Elementary School
8877 Bartlett Street
Fort Langley, BC  V1M 2S6
f: 604-888-7933

72 BC Co-operative Learning PSA (BCCLPSA)
  Darcy Ellis
Student Services
1100B Winslow Avenue
Coquitlam, BC  V3J 2G3
f: 604-936-5451

73 BC Dance Educators' Association (BCDEA)
  Kim Wolski
Langley Fine Arts School
9096 Trattle Street
Fort Langley, BC  V1M 2S6
f: 604-888-3578

75 BC Culinary Arts Specialist Association (BCCASA)
  Brian Smith
Thomas Haney Centre
23000 116th Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 0T8
f: 604-467-9081

77 BC Early Career Teachers' Association (BCECTA)
  Amanda Long
c/o Coquitlam Teachers' Association
208 2502 St Johns Street
Port Moody, BC  V3H 2B4
f: 604-936-7515

78 BC Montessori Teachers PSA (BCMTPSA)
  Michael Piper
Montgomery Middle School
1900 Edgewood Avenue
Coquitlam, BC  V3K 2Y1
f: 604-939-7930

PSA Council Steering and Agenda Committee

Sophie Bergeron
Winslow Centre, SD#43
1100B Winslow Avenue
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 2G3
f: 604-936-6129
Rome Lavrencic
New Westminster Secondary
835 Eighth Street
New Westminster, BC
V3M 3S9
f: 604-517-6204
Martin Runge
Correlieu Secondary School
850 Anderson Drive
Quesnel, BC
V2J 1G4
250-992-7007 (ext. 4022)
f: 250-992-8476