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2016 Conference...


"Heroic Efforts"

Conference Presentations Online

2016 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 21, 2016
Burnaby, BC



Leisbet Beaudry

French Language Resources For The New Curriculum (pptx download)
Cathy Fowler

Storytelling In The Learning Commons (link)

Dayna Hart

An Overview Of Virtual Field Trips (pptm download)
Virtual Field Trips Poster (pdf)

Martha Cameron,  
Leigh Husieff &              
Maureen McDonough

Library Supported Inquiry (link to site)
Handout (pdf)

Gwyneth Jones (link to all presentations)

Kelly Kipp

Passion Projects! A Magical Mix Of Collaboration, Genius Hour,
And The Points of Inquiry

Lisa Nerpio & Brenda Hain

Creating A Community Of Readers (pdf)
Picture Book Award: Ideas (pdf) | Overview (pdf)
Aboriginal Resource Bulk Order List (pdf)
Picture Book Awards Forms: Sign Out (xlsx) | Small Medal (pdf) | Large Medal (pdf)
BCTF 100 Books Materials: Poster (pdf) | Ballot (pdf)
Speed Book Review Materials: Book Talk (pdf) | Self-Assessment (pdf)

Wynter Oakes

Supporting Implementation of the Re-Designed Curriculum
Through The Library Learning Commons
(pptx download)

Liz Schulze

Civic Engagement In The Digital Age (pdf)

Phyllis Simon

Fresh New Books To Enrich Your Libraries (link)

Dominique Sullivan

Google Classroom for Beginners (link)
Dominique Sullivan &
Megan Fulgueras

Introduction To Coding K-12 (link)

Wendy Traas

Pop-Up Makerspaces In The Library (pptx download)
Presentation Passport (pdf)

Sarah Wethered &
Janis Bridger

Moving Toward A Learning Commons (pptx download)
Why Move Toward A Learning Commons? Summary (pdf)
Advocating For Middle School Library Learning Commons (pptx download)

Trina Zuyderduyn

Spread The (Spoken) Word: Celebrating Culture In The Learning Commons (pptx download)
Presentation Links (pdf)