The BCMEA is focused on building a caring, collaborative community of passionate music educators through professional development, ultimately for the benefit of students.

La BCMEA est axé sur la création de communautés collaboratives et humanitaires d’enseignants passionnés de musique par le biais du développement professionnel et pour le bénéfice des étudiants.
Objectives of the BCMEA
To advocate music education.
To support the goals of a comprehensive quality education as defined by the BC Teachers` Federation.
To promote the concept that the arts, including music, are essential components of a basic education.
To promote excellence of music instruction in every BC school.
To advocate maintenance of existing music education programs in British Columbia schools.
To provide leadership in and encouragement of professional development.
To encourage all teachers of music to become active members of the Association.
To foster an understanding of and an appreciation of music.
To promote the concept of a balanced music curriculum.
To facilitate an exchange of information within the association, and between the membership and other music/arts organizations, relevant professional organizations, and government agencies.

Les objectifs de la BCMEA sont de
Promouvoir l'éducation musicale.
Soutenir les objectifs d'une éducation de qualité complète telle que définie par la FECB.
Promouvoir l'idée que les arts, y compris la musique, sont des éléments essentiels d'une éducation de base.
Promouvoir l'excellence de l'enseignement musical dans toutes les écoles en Colombie-Britannique.
Défendre la maintenance des programmes existants d'éducation musicale dans les écoles de la Colombie-Britannique.
Assurer un rôle de leadership et d'encouragement dans le développement professionnel.
Encourager tous les enseignants de musique de devenir membres actifs de l’association.
Favoriser une compréhension et une appréciation de la musique.
Promouvoir le concept d'un programme de musique équilibré.
Faciliter un échange d'informations au sein de l'association et entre les membres et autres organismes des arts et de la musique, des organisations professionnelles et des organismes gouvernementaux.

Membership Benefits
Membership valid for 12 months from date of processing
Voting* privileges at the Annual General Meeting
All BCMEA Publications
Access to BCMEA member and professional development services
Membership in the Canadian Music Educators’ Association

Our Association is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of elected Table Officers, Members-at-Large, and a representative from each Local Specialist Association across British Columbia.

Table Officers

President (to 2014*)
Jeff Weaver, Greater Victoria | bio
Local Contact - 53, 60, 63, 64

School Phone: 250.386.3591
School Fax: 250.361.7191

Email: bcmusiced@gmail.com

1st Vice-President (to 2014)
Cindy Romphf, Greater Victoria | bio

Middle School, Communications
Local Contact - 27, 28, 57**, 59**, 68
School Phone: 250.477.6945
School Fax: 250.721.1960
Email: bcmea.vp1@gmail.com

2nd Vice-President (to 2014)
Mandart Chan, Sooke
LSA Co-ordinator, Industry Relations
Local Contact - 62, 10, 18, 20, 51

School Phone: 250.478.4434
School Fax: 250.478.2879

Email: a.mandart.chan@gmail.com

Secretary (to 2014)
Jamie Davis, Greater Victoria | bio
Local Contact - 17, 22, 23, 31, 61
School Phone: 250.479.8271
School Fax: 250.479.8274
Email: jdavis@sd61.bc.ca

Treasurer (to 2014)
Michael Doogan-Smith, Smithers | bio
Local Contact - 50, 52, 54, 55, 56
School Phone: 250.847.2231 x133

School Fax: 250.847.2165
Email: mdoogansmith@sd54.bc.ca

Past-President (to 2014*)
Mark Reid, Vancouver Secondary | bio
Membership, Website
Local Contact - 19, 43, 44, 45, 46

School Phone: 604.713.8215
School Fax: 604.713.8214

Email: mmgreid@gmail.com


Alia Chua, Coquitlam
2014 Conference Co-Chair

Local Contact - 83, 80, 81, 87, 92

Work Phone: 604.523.6011

Email: alianicolechua@gmail.com

Brent Kellas, Qualicum

Local Contact - 40, 41, 42, 48, 49
School Phone: 250.752.9212

School Fax: 250.752.2960

Email: bkellas@telus.net

Matthew Martin, Greater Victoria
2014 Conference Co-Chair

Local Contact - 65, 69, 74, 85, 93

Work Phone: 250.384.7125

Email: mmartinbcmea@gmail.com

Regan McLachlan, UVic
Journal Editor

Local Contact - 69, 70*, 71, 72, 84

Work Phone: 250.721.7897

Email: bcmusicjournal@gmail.com

Ethan Shoemaker, Independent

Local Contact - 1, 2, 3, 4, Independent

School Phone: 604.521.1801 ext 134

School Fax: 604.520.0725
Email: ethan.shoemaker@stmc.bc.ca

Jill Sparrow-Ng, Delta
BCMEA Honour Ensembles Chair
Local Contact - 37, 38, 67, 66, 73
School Phone: 604.591.6166
Email: jsparrowng@telus.net

Marty Summers, Retired
Honour Instrumental Jazz Coordinator

Canadian Association for Jazz Education
Email: mtsummers@shaw.ca

Rob Taylor, UBC
Post-Secondary Liaison

Local Contact - 7, 39**, 47, 78, Yukon
School Phone: 604.827.5474

School Fax: 604.822.4884

Email: rob.taylor@ubc.ca

About the BCMEA

BCMEA Executive Meeting

*The term of office for the President is a two-year term. All other positions are for one year, expiring at the time of the Annual General Meeting. The Past-President holds the position for the duration of the current Presidency.

** including all union locals or sub-locals within the school district