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Teachers Teaching on Call Advisory Committee (TTOCAC) 2014–15

Carole Berube  82 (Kitimat)
Brett Jasch 46 (Sunshine Coast)
Jennifer Judd 18 (Golden)
Amanda Long 43 (Coquitlam)
Lynn Patterson 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)
Nichelle Penney 73 (Kamloops Thompson)
Brenda Stewart     68 (Nanaimo)
Robin Tosczak 61 (Victoria)
Robyn Wharram 39-1 (VESTA)

Kelly Shields 

BCTF staff co-ordinator
Glen Hansman BCTF table officer
Paul Steer  Executive Committee representative

Terms of Reference 

To advise the Executive Committee on:

  1. policies, procedures, and activities regarding teachers teaching on call.
  2. strategies for improving the quality of life and professional recognition for teachers teaching on call.
  3. structures, resources, and activities which encourage and support the participation of teachers who teach on call in the locals and the BCTF.


That the following be the Teachers Teaching on Call Advisory Committee priorities for 2014–15:

  1. To actively support and advocate for improvements for TTOCs.
  2. To assist in developing and implementing strategies to encourage TTOCs to become more active in their locals, PSAs, and the Federation as a whole.
  3. To promote a culture of professionalism for TTOCs.
  4. To support and promote the leadership priorities adopted by the 2014 AGM.
  5. To discuss and suggest ways to engage members in the work of the Federation.

Updated November 4, 2014