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“Privatization includes all forms of privately funded public education, including individual and corporate donations, user fees, advertising-for-service, etc. It also refers to the shifting mindset that view education as an individual, private good or responsibility, rather than a social, public one.”

– Erika Shaker, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Pearson’s plans for personalizing through technology

Multi-national corporation, Pearson, has plans to “revolutionize how education is delivered to students around the world.”. Researcher Donald Gutstein has looked at their plans and how they relate to British Columbia. More... PDF format; Acrobat Reader required. 

A related article by Gutstein, Pearson’s plan to control education, is published in the Teacher newsmagazine (Sep 2012)

Teacher newsmagazine articles

Background information and conferences

Taking action on privatization

Opposing privatization is not a one shot activity, by Lynette Harper, Task Force on Privatization (Mar 2005)


  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives publishes research on privatization issues. Use their search feature to find relevant publications.
  • CUPE maintains a comprehensive web page on privatization, including public-private partnerships.
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