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Professional and Social Issues Division Staff

Note: Use the area code "604" and prefix "871" with the local number for the direct phone line.

  Local  E-mail Address  Position 
Administrative Staff       
Christine Stewart 1849   Director 
Michelle Davies 1803 Assistant Director–—Peer Support/Internal Mediation/Judicial Council 
Lucie Ferrari 1844 Assistant Director–—French Programs/New Teachers Support/Liaison with universities
Jenny Garrels 1871   Assistant Director–—Leadership Dev./Training/TTOC 
Janice Neden  1845   Assistant Director–—PSA/Curriculum/Ed. Policy 
Todd Patrick
1850   Assistant Director–—Social Justice
Barb Ryeburn 1821 Assistant Director–—Social Justice
Gail Stromquist 1854   Assistant Director–—Aboriginal Ed. 
Assistant Director–—Professional Development/PQT-Teacher Inquiry

Support Staff 
Marion Shukin 1804   Supervisor
Nadia Bove 1810    Administrative Assistant─IMS/Judicial Council

1801 Administrative Secretary─Powerpoint Specialist
Ashley Gurat 1857   Administrative Secretary─PSI workshops
Michele Hope 1860   Administrative Assistant─SURT workshops
Melissa Howell
Administrative Secretary—Social Justice
Cecilia Huard de la Marre 1869  Administrative Assistant─French Programs
Miranda Light 1807   Administrative Secretary─Aboriginal Education
Gloria Saggo 1867  Administrative Assistant─FLI/TTOC
Michele Steele 1802   Administrative Assistant─PSAs
Lynda Tierney
1816   Administrative Secretary─Director