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Some considerations for making up your delegation

  1. What is the objective of your lobby? If you are seeking to influence, provide information or provide reason for your MLA to raise concerns in caucus then who makes up your delegation is important.
  2. Having determined the topics (keep them limited) that you want to cover in your lobby, who would be most effective in conveying these and having them heard by your MLA.
  3. Will it be an effective lobby if you send only people who were involved in a very public way in the campaign of the opponent in election of MLA you are trying to lobby? Does more than one local need to be involved in lobby?
  4. Do you have members that have connections through family, work, or social activities with the MLA that feel strongly about the issues you are lobbying the MLA on?
  5. Do you have a member who is highly respected by the MLA or has a community reputation that the MLA would know has influence that could be an effective part of your delegation?
  6. Who is the MLA’s aide/assistant? Are there connections there?
  7. Would it be more effective to involve a parent, trustee or community member as part of your delegation? If so, what role and function would they play?
  8. Where is the meeting to take place? If you are meeting the MLA at the constituency office, does it have space for more than several people?
  9. On the basis of the above, what would be the most effective group size to engage the MLA in a constructive manner? Consider the points to be made.
  10. As time is limited, who will say what? Have it planned. You don’t want surprises, especially if the choice is to involve others.
  11. Who is best able to play what role? Note-taker? Who does introductions? Makes the summary before leaving? Will keep the meeting on focus? Who states requests? Who will arrange for follow-up?
  12. Do you want to involve media prior to the meeting and how and to whom will it be reported afterwards? Who will do the reporting? Will that assist in getting the meeting? Will it be counter-productive?



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