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Building and sustaining coalitions: First contact outline 


  • To develop an understanding of the effective coalition functioning.
  • To examine coalition processes and practice skills in finding common ground.
  • To develop a bank of coalition building suggestions and strategies that can be applied to local association and community activism.

I. Introduction

A. Welcome, Introductions, Workshop Overview
B. Finding Common Ground Exercise #1

II. Coalition Building Basics

A. Coalition Defined/Types of Coalitions
B. Value of Coalitions
C. Guiding Principles
D. Using a Social Barometer

III. Working in a Coalition

A. Shared Experiences
B. Getting Started
C. Tips for Successful Coalitions
D. Pitfalls to Avoid

IV. Coalitions Processes

A. “Where do You Stand” Exercise
B. Decision-Making in Coalitions
C. Equalizing Access and Participation

V. Conclusion

A. Finding Common Ground Exercise #2
B. Evaluation



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